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Nicely figured Mahogany b&s combined with Engelmann Spruce top with sunburst makes this simply designed guitar the "sound killer" for all mahogany sound lovers. Ebony fingerboard, bridge and headplate, ivoroid binding, Wartimer-style wooden/plastic rosette, plastic tortoloid pickguard, Ebony pins with pearl dots and Schaller die-cast tuners. LIST PRICE: 3290€


Next Oak dreadnough guitar actually upgared with high-gloss b&s finish. It's WOODSTOCK design with Bearclaw Alpine Spruce top, Maple binding and Oak purfling, wide Oak/b/w rosette, brown-burst b&s, bone nut and saddle, Ebony pins and ancient open-gear three-on-plate tuners with oval ivoroid knobs. LIST PRICE: 3230€

Custom D-28 "Toni Rice" - Santos RW b&s

The next of our custom-designed guitars, now our replica of legendary Toni Rice D-28. Base material features are Adirondack top with enlarged soundhole, uniquely figured Brazilan Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro) b&s with zig-zag backstrip, Honduran Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Slim b/w rosette, herringbone top purfling, plastic body and fingerboard binding, stright figured Santos headplate without any inlay and nickel open-gear Gotoh tuners with oval knobs. Material description ends by bone nut and long through saddle, Ebony pins with pearl dots and tortoise pickguard. But the sound of this bluegrass icon you must hear yourself ... LIST PRICE: 3990€

BELLISIMO BLUES - Bird's Eye Maple & Bevel

Double wood top guitar … both design and sound beauty of this Bellisimo model thanks to perfectly figured Bird's Eye Maple b&s, the cover layer over Master Grade Alpine Spruce top, convex rosette, headplate, fingerboard and body binding with slim and delicious bevel. Tripple pearl rosette, pearl trim aroud the top, RZW logo on the peghead and a bird 12th-fret inlay. Brown-burst on all the body and three-piece Maple neck, bone nut and saddle, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, Gotoh 510 cosmo-black tuners and ivoroid pins with abalone dot. What to say more ...? LIST PRICE: 6550€

Custom HD-35 - BRW b&s

Our second piece of classical Martin's HD-35 design with 3-piece Brazilian Rosewood back. Extra Aged Alpine Spruce top with herringbone purfling and multiple b/w rosette, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, Maple body and fingerboard binding, BRW headpplate, Schaller die-cast tuners and inoroid pins with pearl dots. And superb ROZAWOOD sound again, of course … LIST PRICE: 7350€

Custom DREADNOUGHT Cutaway - BRW b&s

Simply custom designed dreadnought guitar with cutaway, extra aged Alpine Spruce top and Brazilian Rosewood b&s, fingerboard, bridge, headplate and binding. B/w top and b&s purfling, wide pearl rosette, clear pickguard and golden Schaller Grand Tune tuners.  LIST PRICE: 8210€

LADY BLACK Coffee - BRW b&s

Our next "custom" guitar, now in stylish and exclusive LADY BLACK design. Originally she was meant really almost all black with white Flamed Maple binding, rosette and central headplate piece only, but during building Peter came with an idea of "balck coffee" design, which makes brazilian b&s wood structure more visible and is highlighted by delicious 12th-fret inlay. Master Grade Alpine Spruce top, BRW b&s, 45-style pearl body inlays, Ebony fingerboard, bridge and headplate, convex Flamed Maple rosette, Ebony bridge and end pins with pearl dots. And as everybody says, unbelievably powerful sound from such small body … Just this small beauty is waiting for you … LIST PRICE: 9990€


We started with special-designed guitars to celebrate hundred’s steps in our production on our #300, dreadnought with curved back, pearl fingerboard and deliciously designed and hand-cut pearl rosette. And while #400 dread and OM twins were also made in richly inlaid pearl “tree-of-life” “45” design, our #500 presenting in Frankfurt during Musikmesse 2016 is trying to reach the guitar heaven by its stylish simplicity. WOODSTOCK 500 has 12-fret 000 body with cutaway and bevel, Brazilian Rosewood b&s and Redwood top, Brazilian fingerboard, bridge, peghead, pickguard and pins and pure, stylish, but significant Brazilian/Maple rope binding around its body, rosette, fingerboard, peghead and pickguard. Together with True Temperament frets this guitar is the real celebration of uncompromising guitar building craftsmanship. Have a look at her and you’ll see what we are talking about … LIST PRICE: 14990€





TENOR GUITAR - Santos/Redwood

Our new Tenor Guitar has unique material combination - back and sides are made from nicely colored straight-grain Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro) and the top from exclusive Curly Redwood - a highly resonant and visually beautiful tonewood. Tonal quality of this guitar, which can be tuned  to the wide range of tuning variants (CGDA, GDAE, DGBE, ADAD, …), is accented by Flamed Maple convex rosette, which makes the sound of this smaller-body instrument really powerful and perfectly ballanced through the all sound spectrum. Otherwise pure design - Flamed Maple binding, Mahogany and b/w rosette and purfling, Ebony bridge and fingerboard & pins with pearl dots, bone nut and saddle, nickel oval GOTOH open-gear tuners with oval knobs, clear pickguar and Santos headplate with pearl RZW logo - enables to excel the natural beauty of used tonewoods. LIST PRICE: 3290€


This baritone guitar has simple stylish design with Bearclaw Alpine Spruce top, b&s from Flamed Maple and nice all-body sunburst. Neck, convex rosette and binding are also from Flamed Maple. Ebony fingerboard and bridge and headplate with pearl RZW logo, wooden and b/w purfling and rosette ring. Bone nut and saddle, gold Schaller tuners with ebony knobs, Ebony bridge and end pins with abalone dot. LIST PRICE: 3900€


Our new Guitar Bouzouki with nice all-body sunburst. This Flamed Maple b&s and Bearclaw Spruce top design are emphased by Curly Mahogany body and fingerboard binding and well as convex rosette. Curly Mahogany is also used on our slim peghead together with black central strip. Rosette ring and top purfling are made from delicious tri-color brown herringbone. Clear pickguard and Schaller mandolin tuners with white pearloroid knobs only keep its extraordinary look. And be sure when you’ll start to play, you’ll never want to stop … LIST PRICE: 3890€


We are just resenting a new unique kind of Acoustic Guitar for “lap-steel-slide-playing", with a respect to a traditional look of the instruments generally called HAWAIIAN STEEL GUITAR. This first piece has Madagascar Rosewood b&s, Alpine Spruce top, traditional brown/white rosette ring and top, fingerboard and peghead binding. Madagascar Rosewood is also used for fingerboard, bridge, headplate and convex rosette. With bone nut, nickel Gotoh open-gear butterbean tuners, tortoise pickguard and ebony pins with pearl dots is instrument the perfect choice for all slide playing lovers … LIST PRICE: 4260€

7-STRING GUITAR - Walnut b&s

The 7-string Guitar is our 2015 news shown for the first time during Musikmesse in Frankfurt. A "simple" idea - to combine a standard 6-string guitar with the Baritone Guitar by adding the next sub "b" string was realized in this model. This one has Cedar top and richly figured American Walnut b&s. Pearl rosette as well as the trim around the top push this piece among our higher models. Ebony fingerboard and bridge, Curly Maple binding and the central part of the peghead and seven pieces of tuners … and waiting for its first happy owner … LIST PRICE: 5140€


Our new luxury Terz Guitar has the top from Adirondack and back & sides from CITES certified Brazilian Rosewood. What to say more? Brazilian top purfling and A-shaped peghead with Ebony central piece. Ebony is also used for fingerboard with pearl dots position marks, bridge and all pins, also with pearl dots. Sunburt top goes perfectly with brazilian b&s set and so Flamed Maple binding and convex rosette make distinctive contrast. Gold open-gear Gotoh tuners with butterbean knobs and dark tortoise pickguard only underline perfect look of this instrument. LIST PRICE: 7990€






Archtop guitar with 17" body, Master Grade Spruce top with RZW-shaped soundholes, Flamed Maple b&s, Maple neck and binding, Ebony fingerboerd, bridge and headplate, b/w purfling, golden tailpiece and GOTOH keystone tuners. LIST PRICE: 4790€






This our Roundneck Resonator has adjusted bodyshape and combine material and design simplicity and beauty of two our recently finised instruments - it has back and sides from nicely colored straight-grain Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro) and the top from exclusive Curly Redwood and vintage copper metal parts - resonator, tail piece and Schaller die-cast tuners. Body color and especially curly patterns on the Redwood top are highlighted by discreet sunburt, from which Flamed Maple body and fingerboard biding contrastly rises. B/w purfling, Ebony fingerboard with pearl dots position inlays, Ebony/Santos headplate with pearl RZW logo on the A-shape peghead. And rich sound going out from the instrumet through two stylish RZW-shaped soundholes ... LIST PRICE: 4490€


Our new Squareneck Resonator with adjusted bodyshape has figured Flamed Maple back and sides and neck. Together with Bearclaw Alpine Spruce top, all the instrument has very stylish sunburst, perfectly accompanied by vintage copper metal parts - resonator, soundholes rings and Schaller GrandTune tuners. Dark-brown colored Flamed Maple fingerboard with pearl dots, as well as the top, is lined by white/brown rope binding. And our A-shape peghead, also with sunbursted Flamed Maple headplate with Ebony central part and our pearl RZW logo, just invites all dobro-players to join Rob Ickes and Jerry Douglas to play ROZAWOOD squareneck as well as them ... LIST PRICE: 4190€

SQUARENECK RESONATOR - Curly Mahogany boby

Do you want to play the same dobro as Rob Ickes plays? No problem, this squareneck with the same specification as we built for Rob may be yours … Curly Mahogany body and neck, Ebony fingerboard, Beard cone, A-shape peghead in Ebony & Curly Mahogany combination and Schaller GrandTune tuners. LIST PRICE: 3790€


Simply designed Squareneck Resonator with Indian Rosewood back, sides and top, golden/brown colored pearloroid body and fingerboard binding, Honduran Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard and IRW and Curly Mahogany headplate with RZW pearl logo. Bone nut, Schaller GrandTune nickel tuners with butterbean knobs and superb sound. LIST PRICE: 3550€






Our new octave mandolin OM-2 has figured Flamed Maple back and sides, carved Alpine Spruce top with nice sunburst, Ebony fingerboard, Maple body & fingerboard binding, RZW-shape soudholes, Schaller tuners and nickel tailpiece. LIST PRICE: 4250€

MANDOCELLO MC-5 - Maple b&s

Typical Spruce top and Flamed Maple b&s, nice sunburst, nickel tailpiece with engraved ROZAWOOD logo, Schaller tuners. LIST PRICE: 4590€